I’m on Quora, actually one of the few sites I’m not regularly banned from, though I did just get my first warning for calling an anti-vaxxer “highly delusional.” But then, I just got my first measles death, so in my opinion, anti-vaxxers aren’t told often or strongly enough just exactly what they are and what they can do with themselves.

I am a “most viewed” writer in all funeral-related topics, and I can often get lost for hours just answering endless questions people have about funerals, and I hope my answers will be useful and interesting to all. I will post a few here, but there is one I am so tired of and just won’t even reply to anymore: variations of “What would a dead body look like after [x amount of time]” and “How long does a dead body last after embalming?”

The body will “last” through the viewing. After it’s buried, I simply don’t care. I am an embalmer because I want to help people have meaningful viewings and funeral services, not because I want to create lasting artifacts that will look perfect to some archaeologist a hundred years later. Realistically, if the decedent had very few problems at the time of death – no trauma, no edema, no sclerotic arteries, no obesity – they are likely to “last” much longer than a body with the problems I just mentioned, but I can’t put a number on it. If you go back ten years and dig up everyone I buried (please don’t), you are likely to find a mix of beautiful preservation and human sludge. There are too many factors at play; too many variables. Any funeral director who gives you a concrete answer in numbers of years has no way to check the accuracy of his statement, because disinterments are very rare.

So stop asking! I won’t answer. The body will last through the funeral.

Here are some more interesting questions.

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