My Services

This is a copy of the list of services I offer to funeral homes in Washington State. I left off the prices so I won’t inadvertently cause problems with other businesses.

Snohomish, King & Surrounding Preparations
Services and Prices, 2018

The following are services I offer to funeral homes in Snohomish, King, and a few surrounding counties. Please contact for services and rates in other areas of Washington. I have listed only the tasks I can complete alone if need be. Embalming services are currently available to funeral homes with their own prep facilities, or to those with an existing arrangement to use [King county location] prep room and cooler. Others may work out something on a case-by-case basis.

PACKAGE: Removal, embalming, dressing and cosmetics for standard case

Embalming and Other Preparation
All embalming services include the washing and sanitizing of the room and instruments, a physical copy of the embalming report, and the wrap and transfer of the decedent to a cooler or dressing table with all incisions covered if desired. I will assist with the casketing of the body at no extra charge. Cosmetic services include hair washing/brushing and painted nails, if desired.

Standard / Autopsy / Infant / Advanced decomp / Bone and tissue donor / Facial reconstruction* / Restorative Art*

In addition to standard embalming services, I will hypo and pack the nonviewable case in a manner suitable for shipping or any other service, and dress in plastic garments.

*Reconstructing a damaged and non-viewable face and/or hands. Service only available for bodies I have personally embalmed. Includes, if necessary, the complete rebuilding of cranial and facial structures, as well as airbrush cosmetics and hair restoration. I request to view the body before guaranteeing the availability of a service date.

I am available to assist other embalmers in difficult preparations requiring two or more people, such as oversize remains or extensive suturing.

Unembalmed body, wash and sanitize + features + autopsy repair / Airbrush cosmetics / Dressing

2016 black Dodge Caravan, can hold 2 cots, 1 casket or 7 passengers. Available for removals, transfers, services or deliveries, as well as to assist your staff on difficult or unusual removals. I can also respond to your service in the event of an unexpected mechanical problem with your vehicle or remain at the service in order to transport the casket or flowers.

Register book hand-lettering / Obituary (1 page) / Embalming certificate for international flight

Negotiations possible and occasional trades accepted. At-cost prep work available for deaths of those in the funeral business, and their families.

Corinna Olsen, Lic. #2359