Now for something a little more lighthearted. I would appreciate any of the following.

– Embalming instruments
– New embalming machine
– Backboard for calls
– Airbrush cosmetic kit
– Mortuary cosmetics
– Antique embalming, surgical and autopsy textbooks
– Disaster pouch
– Non disposable, custom fit PPE
– Case of Introfiant
– Case of Dryene
– Case of Syngel LV
– Plaster and styrofoam for head repair work
– Suture needles and scalpel blades
– Bunch of stuff with unicorns and fairies and pink sparkles
– Plastic and protective garments for shipping bodies
– Blank register books (especially Spanish)
– Mortuary waxes
– Electric spatula/tissue reducer
– Trocar points and trocar sterilizing tray

More is likely to be added.