I have not.

I used to feel cheated. So many people tell me of their experiences with the ghostly underworld, and they’re just regular people with regular lives. I see and touch death every day and the ghosts apparently don’t want to stop by.

But one of those regular people said it best: do I really want to see a ghost? Or several? Do I want to be in contact with the souls of every dead person I have had in my care? We’re talking thousands. I might find it highly irritating. It’s not like I’d be able to choose which ghosts would contact me, or when.

If ghosts are real – and I’m just going to proceed on the assumption that those who have seen them are telling the truth – there has to be a reason not everyone has seen them. Not everyone is meant to, just like not everyone is meant to care for the dead. Perhaps these two callings are mutually exclusive. If you are called to work with the dead – and every embalmer I’ve known does describe it as a calling – you would not last in your profession if you saw their faces hovering over you every night as you were going to sleep.

I don’t know if I would welcome the opportunity to speak with or see spirits. I believe there are some things I am never meant to know, and perhaps what a spirit would say or what they look like is one of them. If I needed to know, I’ve certainly had ample opportunity for them to make themselves available. I don’t need to traipse through houses that are supposedly haunted or loiter in cemeteries.

I do have a lot of questions – what do the ghosts do? Are they pranksters who like to scare the living? Do ghosts actually “like” anything, since that requires a brain and the ability categorize experiences or things as likable or not? Are they in a state of limbo related to unfinished business they have on Earth, or in some sort of purgatory? Do they hate the people who moved into their old house? Are they pissed because they got cremated instead of buried? Why are ghosts depicted as wearing clothes or rags, when the fabric didn’t die and doesn’t have a soul?

I have had one experience of a body or spirit who spoke to me, which I posted about back in 2015, I believe. He didn’t speak with his mouth, or using some kind of auditory sound that came from his lungs (he was autopsied anyway). But I heard his voice, and somehow knew it was his, and he thanked me for taking him out of the hospital because he never wanted to be there on life support, where he was for three months as a young teen. This was the only experience I have had of that nature, and I may never see another one.