Month: <span>May 2016</span>

Extensive Preservation of the Non-Viewable Case

Usually, embalming is not done for a non-viewable case unless it is required for mausoleum entombment or airline shipping. This is the process of preparing such a case for an international flight. When shipping any human remains, you cannot be too careful with your method of preservation. Pressure changes during shipping can cause the body…

It’s OK To Avert Your Eyes Sometimes

In the early ’90s in Liverpool, England, Denise Bulger was shopping with her two-year-old son James, and she turned her back on him for literally 30 seconds. When she turned around, he was gone. Later, surveillance from the store would show James being led away by two males. That day, James was walked to the…

Repeated Exposure to Violence

In high school, even though the stupid career test thing said I’d make an excellent nurse, I knew I wanted to be either a police officer or a mortician. I had no idea how or where one became a mortician, but I knew where the police station was, and I applied to be a cadet….