Month: February 2015

Everything’s Included

I remember one staff meeting a few years ago where we were discussing a funeral home on the other side of the country which was being investigated for improper treatment of human remains. Bodies were stacked in the garage, without refrigeration, and burials which were supposed to be conducted within 24 hours were actually put…

I Have Seen What Strength Is

John drowned at the age of 14, but was rescued in time to be taken to the hospital and kept alive on life support. I learned he did not want to be kept alive by artificial means, and I learned this because he told me so.   I talk to the dead all the time….

Kosher Embalming

Embalming is almost never required by law, not even for viewing purposes. Many funeral homes, churches and other places where viewing often takes place may have their own policies regarding viewing of unembalmed bodies, but these are not laws. For example, most funeral homes restrict public viewing of an unembalmed body and limit it to…